Alberta’s ONLY Western Boot Manufacturer

We are Open:

Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm
Closed Sunday

Proudly Celebrating 40
years of manufacturing Canada’s favorite boots.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we specialize in 100% handmade Cowboy boots, Casual boots, Dress boots and Police boots. Every Alberta Boot is handmade in house, using only the finest leather construction. Alberta Boot is Western Canada’s only Cowboy Boot factory. We offer over 6,000 pairs of boots in stock, or you can custom order your own special pair! When you buy an Alberta Boot, you are investing in great quality, craftsmanship, comfort and style. Alberta Boots are built to last and you will not find a better made boot anywhere in the world.


  • 1397 TB

    1397 TB

  • 1180 TN

    1180 TN

  • 1149X TN

    1149X TN

  • 1384 TN

    1384 TN

  • 1398 TN

    1398 TN

  • 1175 TN

    1175 TN

  • 1352 TB

    1352 TB

  • 1181 TB

    1181 TB

  • 2700 TN

    2700 TN

    Cognac Navy Blue Eel Triad

  • 2700 TN

    2700 TN

    Cognac/Tan Eel Triad

  • 702 TN

    702 TN

    Light Tan oiled cowhide

  • 709 TN

    709 TN

    Bronze Cowhide

  • 987 TB

    987 TB

    Red Soft Ice

  • 1029 TB

    1029 TB

    Black Soft Ice

  • 2702 TN

    2702 TN

    Tan Oiled Cowhide

  • 700 TB

    700 TB

    Electric Blue Cowhide

  • Service Boot

    Service Boot

  • Ladies


  • Ladies


  • Ladies


  • Ladies


  • Ladies


  • Ladies


  • Ladies


  • RCMP Boots

    RCMP Boots

  • Black Strathcona

    Black Strathcona

Latest News

We are Alberta’s ONLY Boot maker

We hand make every Alberta Boot in our Calgary factory.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.



Come visit our showroom and factory outlet!

We are located 2 blocks East of Macleod Trail on 50th ave.

#50-50th Avenue South. Click here to see the map.
Phone: (403) 263-4623.


Celebrating 40 years of Boot making in Calgary

2018 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Alberta Boot Company. Started by C. F. Gerwing in 1978, we still use the same goodyear welt manufacturing process and highest quality materials today as we did 40 years ago.

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