Alberta Boot Customers are invited to return their favorite Alberta Boots when it is time to resole them. First, the boot is placed on the original sized last (the mold they were made on) and then the heel, outsole, steel shank and leather welts are removed. The boots then rejoin the assembly process where new welts, shanks, cork filler, outsoles, heels and lifts are attached.

Cost to renew your boots is $109.00 per pair.

The efforts of staff towards customer service create a friendly, professional atmosphere of good old western hospitality, making your boot experience that much more enjoyable.

We also offer other repair services on Alberta Boots:

  • Top Lifts – $20.00
  • Topy Soles – $40.00
  • Heels – $40.00
  • Full soles + insoles – $140.00
  • Double Leather soles – $140.00
  • Full Resole – $109.00

Repair pricing does not include GST.

*Alberta Boot will only repair Alberta Boots, we do not work on any other manufacturers boots*