Custom Western Boots - Custom Western Boots

The Alberta Boot Company has made custom western boots right from the beginnings of our company in 1978. Major Hollywood Films rely on us to make their historically correct western boots for western features like; Unforgiven, Open Range, and Monte Walsh.

Politicians, Athletes, Clubs and Associations all benefit from our expertise in building cowboy and western boots. Old West Performers and Re-inactors count on us to make sure all the details are correct, for their custom orders, and working cowboys come to us for their everyday working boots.

Spur ledges, Dog Ears, Elaborate Stitching, Inlaid Designs, Embossing, and other details can all be included in the design of your boot. Below are examples of some of the custom western boots we've made for clients. The boot at left and the brown version (below left) are the same design that Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall wore in the western film: Open Range.

Custom Boots start at $140.00 + the cost of the regular priced boot.

Fancy colors can be any combination and logos, brands and the such can be inserted, embossed, or stamped into the leather.
As seen in the examples catalogue in the stars, hearts, flowers, coyote...

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Please contact us at or (403) 263 4623 to place your order or for more information.

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