Foot Measurement Chart

We’ve made available an online form to help you properly measure your foot length and width so we can build you one of our high-quality pairs of Alberta Boots.


CLICK HERE for the PDF file of the chart and print it out – then follow the instructions on the form.


Once you have your foot traced out you must measure from longest point to longest point. Draw a line between the two points and write down the exact measurement (in inches) between the points – on the foot measurement sheet. This is to ensure we know your exact foot length, as the faxing process can distort the form.

Click here for an example of how the form should look.

For further details or instructions please contact us.

Once you have your foot properly traced and the length measured and noted you can email to or fax it to: (403) 269-4168, along with your personal information and anything else you think we should know.